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The Block Brunch Yacht Party in Cannes 2023

I’m still riding the waves of excitement from our unforgettable Block Brunch Yacht Party during the Cannes Lions Media Week in 2023. Let's dive into the highlights of this exceptional event that brought together the next generation of marketing, tech, and investment rockstars across Europe.

The Concept

We set out to create the 'Roc Nation Brunch' for the forward-thinkers and game-changers of our ecosystem. The Block Brunch in Cannes wasn't just an event; it was an immersive experience tailored for networking, inspiration, and good vibes.

Our team curated an atmosphere ripe for meaningful connections. Entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and creators converged, sparking inspiring conversations that transcended industry boundaries.

No B2B event is complete without an infusion of energy. Our venue selection, expertly curated DJ setup, and a meticulously chosen guest list ensured that a good time was had by all. It was a mixer to remember!

Community at The Heart 

In collaboration with All Aboard Cannes, we took our event to the high seas, introducing rising stars to an unparalleled yacht experience. The sun-soaked afternoon day party was the epitome of luxury and networking against the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera.

Leveraging the power of our community, we had the honor of hosting special guests like Eflried Samba, ex-Head of Social at Gymshark, and Butterfly 3ffect's CEO, creating an atmosphere that blended experience with emerging talent.

Our Approach

Block Brunch surpassed expectations, drawing in over 200 guests, exceeding our projected attendance by over 25%. A diverse array of attendees from industry giants like Amazon, Nike, Google, and emerging brands added to the vibrant turnout of our event.

The Result: A Resounding Success

Oversubscribed and attended by high-profile guests, Block Brunch filled a gap for inclusive programming during Cannes Lions Media Week. It left an indelible mark on both participants and industry observers, showcasing the vibrant future of our community.

As we set sail into the future, we're grateful for the incredible turnout and the shared moments of inspiration. We have more block brunches, in new locations planned for this year, so keep an eye out!


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