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Launching Pitch & Mix

A Night of Innovation and Inspiration: Pitch and Mix 

Last month we hosted a spectacular event, Pitch and Mix; a dynamic night that brought together founders, professionals, and industry experts for an evening of pitches, panel discussions, and collaborative networking. Partnering with Fenn Space Indvstry Club, Aaron Wallace, and 20/20 Levels, the event took place at the vibrant Bubba Oasis in Islington, with around 200 attendees.

The highlight of the night was the pitch session, where 30 individuals were selected to showcase their ventures in a high-energy setting on the nighttime rooftop. Each participant had a brief but impactful 2 minutes to present their ideas to the engaged audience. The stakes were high, with enticing prizes up for grabs, including a £1000 cash prize, a 6-month office membership in London, 2 Indvstry Club memberships, and 4 sets of 30-minute mentorship sessions.

Not only did Pitch and Mix feature compelling pitches, but it also hosted an enlightening panel discussion with industry experts. The panel included distinguished individuals such as Oli Johnson, Global Director of Santander UK, whose outstanding journey and insights into collaboration, hard work, and dedication added immense value to the event. Joining him were Victoria Omobuwajo, Founder of Sunmohq, Timi Merriman-Johnson DipFA, a qualified financial advisor and award-winning content creator, and Tj Atkinson, a property developer seen on 'Rich Holiday - Poor Holidays' on Channel 5.

The panel sessions delved into riveting topics, exploring the importance of collaboration in today's dynamic business landscape and offering valuable advice on achieving financial milestones, including insights on “how to make your first 100k. The discussions were not only informative but also provided a platform for attendees to interact with and learn from accomplished professionals.

To add to the vibrant atmosphere, Pitch and Mix treated attendees to a delightful spread of African cuisine and refreshing drinks. This culinary experience created a unique backdrop for mingling with like-minded individuals, creating the perfect space for connections and collaboration. Guests also had the opportunity to walk away with fantastic goodie bags, adding an extra touch of appreciation for their participation.

As the night progressed, a DJ set and live music added an element of celebration, turning Pitch and Mix into a memorable experience that seamlessly blends professional insights with entertainment. The event embodied the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and inspiration, reflecting the ethos of Blocks2Bags.

The success of Pitch and Mix underscores our commitment to creating impactful and engaging events that go beyond traditional networking. By combining pitches, panel discussions, and a lively atmosphere, Pitch and Mix was a testament to the power of intentional networking and collaboration within the entrepreneurial community. As Blocks2Bags continues to host live events, we not only provide a platform for individuals to showcase their talents but also cultivate a supportive ecosystem where innovation and success thrive.


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