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Empowering the Next Generation: The Launch of the New Creator Club in East London

In the face of a staggering 70% cut in funding for youth services over the past decade, the decline of youth clubs has become an alarming trend. Many of us cherish memories of these spaces that played a pivotal role in our childhoods. Recognising the pressing need for post-school resources and inspired by a personal connection to these spaces, I am thrilled to announce the opening of the New Creator Club in East London.

The Current Landscape

As part of my role at The Student View, a platform dedicated to empowering students to discern misinformation and become local news reporters, I have witnessed a significant gap in resources for young individuals post-school. The decline in traditional youth clubs has left a void that our initiative aims to fill.

A Vision for the Future

Thanks to an initial backing from the City Bridge Foundation through a multi-year partnership, we are establishing a pop-up youth club. The New Creator Club is dedicated to young individuals aspiring to be creators, offering an after-school space for developing ideas related to TikTok, YouTube, and journalism. Beginning in Tower Hamlets, our goal is to expand nationwide, sharing insights, bringing in mentors, and fostering a network for growth.

The New Creator Club

Our club, alongside the Fellowship, is designed to provide a supportive environment for young minds to thrive. Currently, we are in the final stages of branding and insight work, with input from young people at the heart of the process to ensure we strike the right tone for our community.

How You Can Contribute

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey:

1. Become a Mentor:

   If you have expertise in content creation, journalism, or related fields, consider becoming a mentor. Your guidance can make a significant impact on the lives of these aspiring creators.

  Mentor Sign-up Link:

2. Spread the Word:

   Help us reach young individuals who can benefit from our programs. Share information about the New Creator Club and encourage participation.

3. Corporate Partnerships:

   Is your company passionate about supporting the future generation of creators, copywriters, and journalists in inner-city London? Explore partnership opportunities with us.

4. Donate or Sponsor:

   Your financial support can help us open more clubs and extend session times. Every contribution brings us one step closer to creating a haven of inspiration and growth for the next generation.

Excited to Launch

With secured funding for the next two years, we are open to corporate partnerships and activations from our network. Join us in living out the belief that “it takes a tribe to raise a child”. Together, let's be that tribe and create a haven of inspiration and growth for the next generation. 🤝🏿


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