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BAG DROP LAUNCH - Immersive Pitch Night & Block Party

Welcome to BAG DROP, where the UK’s most well-connected entrepreneurs, investors and cultural influencers gathered together for an evening of innovation, collaboration and inspiration. Bag Drop was a groundbreaking event that redefined the way we connect with the next generation of innovative startups.

Bag Drop was a unique blend of elements, combining the entrepreneurial spirit of Dragons' Den with the energetic atmosphere of a block party. We curated this event with precision, bringing together 100 guests: 50 founders, and 50 investors, representing funds with over £100 million ready to invest. Partners like Stride VC, Angel Investing School and Supa Network, added their expertise and resources to make this event possible.

The Space

The event took place in a carefully planned space, courtesy of our partners over at Stride VC. The downstairs area featured the main event space with a pitching stage and a bar. Upstairs, two rooms were designated for breakout sessions, networking, and media activities. The schedule included a thorough setup, rehearsal, welcome drinks, auction-style pitching, and, finally, an open bar, DJ, and networking opportunities.

The Execution

The core of Bag Drop was the immersive pitching experience we offered. Unlike traditional pitch nights, this event was designed to encourage interaction. Founders presented their ideas in an auction-style format, giving investors the opportunity to engage directly, ask questions, and express their interest.

Bag Drop isn’t just about business; it was a night of connection and celebration. Attendees were equipped with bespoke wristbands and cards that facilitated networking, allowing for seamless introductions and connections. The evening was accompanied by a live Amapiano DJ, an open bar, and dedicated networking rooms, providing the perfect backdrop for forging valuable relationships.

Bag Drop aimed to bridge the gap between founders and investors. Traditional pitch and demo nights are often exclusive, making it challenging for startups to connect with the right backers. This event was a social opportunity for industry veterans to rally behind new founders and storytellers, providing that crucial first check to pave the way for the next billion-dollar success story.

The Future

Bag Drop is not just a one-off event; it's part of our larger vision to catalyse entrepreneurial success. We are working to host these pitch nights quarterly, with plans to expand to other major cities. This would effectively foster a pan-European network of innovation and collaboration for us like-minded individuals and communities.

By bringing together investors, founders, and industry leaders in a dynamic and immersive environment, it set a new standard for how we connect, invest in, and celebrate the next generation of startups. As Bag Drop continues to grow and expand, we are working to be a driving force behind the success of tomorrow's groundbreaking companies.


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