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Collaborate Don't Compete: A Mindset for Growth and Happiness in Business

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of business, I find myself embracing a powerful mantra that has been central to my ethos through my career — Collaborate Don't Compete. In a world driven by fierce competition, this mindset has not only shaped my approach to work, business, and brand but has also become a source of growth and happiness.

Embracing Collaboration Over Competition

The concept of collaboration over competition has been a guiding principle throughout my career. While the business world may naturally involve competition for briefs, audience, and market share, I've discovered that embracing a collaborative mindset can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Magical things happen when we choose to work together, rather than against each other.

The Superpower of Collaboration

Collaboration for me has been nothing short of a superpower, lifting major weights off my shoulders and providing the freedom to create without the constraints of rivalry. The benefits extend beyond personal freedom; it exposes me to new audiences, opening doors to learning and growth that would be otherwise very difficult to achieve.

Key Rules to Collaboration

1. Clarity in Roles and Values:

  • Establishing clear roles and aligning values is key to successful collaboration. When everyone understands their responsibilities and shares common values, the synergy created is unparalleled.

2. Clear Deadlines:

  • Setting clear deadlines ensures that the collaborative efforts stay on track. It promotes accountability and efficiency, and allows for the seamless integration of ideas and contributions.

3. Empathy:

  • Empathy forms the foundation of effective collaboration. Understanding and respecting the perspectives of collaborators create a peaceful working environment, to optimise creativity and innovation.

Favourite Collaborations of the Year

Reflecting on the past year, I've had the privilege of engaging in some truly remarkable collaborations with external teams. Here are a couple of highlights:

1. Collaboration with Dan Tsu and Melissa Murdock for Roundhouse Trust:

  • Working together on Accelerators, Content, and Live Events has not only been professionally enriching but has also underscored the strength of collaborative efforts in achieving shared goals.

2. Collaboration with Ndubuisi Uchea and Charlie Crowe for Block Brunch Cannes:

  • Joining forces with these dynamic individuals and their teams, we orchestrated a memorable day party on a yacht—an event uniting rising stars and established leaders in marketing and media.

3. Collaboration with Clarice Metzger for Awujo

  • Working with The Yard Club to host an awesome evening at art’otel Battersea  filled with networking and vibes was a great way to close off the year. This event would not have been successful without the power of community. 

Looking Ahead

As I share these experiences, there are many more collaborations to unfold in the coming year. Each collaboration has added a unique layer to my journey, reinforcing the belief that in unity, there is strength. I am constantly reminded of this through the African proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. The ethos of Collaborate Don't Compete is not just a business strategy; it's key to achieving growth, fostering happiness, and creating a legacy of shared successes.

In a world that often emphasises competition, I urge fellow entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts to explore the transformative power of collaboration. As I look ahead, the roadmap is filled with exciting opportunities, partnerships, and shared victories. Together, let's build a business landscape where collaboration is not just a choice but a cornerstone of growth and fulfillment. The journey continues, and the collaborative spirit lights the way. Stay tuned for more collaborative adventures in the weeks to come!


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