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Picking Up My M.B.E. & Celebrating My Parents: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Gratitude

I am excited to share a new chapter in my entrepreneurial journey — a recent trip to Windsor Castle to receive an M.B.E. for Entrepreneurship and Tackling Food Poverty. This experience was not just about personal achievement but also a celebration of the incredible individuals who shaped my life — my parents.

A Proud Moment at Windsor Castle

The settings of Windsor Castle set the stage for an unforgettable day as I received recognition for my entrepreneurial endeavours and commitment to addressing food poverty. Standing before Prince William, I felt a sense of accomplishment and responsibility, knowing that this title came with a duty to continue making a positive impact.

Heartfelt Gratitude to My Parents

This achievement holds special significance as I celebrated it with my parents, whose excitement for this moment mirrored my own. Amidst the chaos of our private lives, this day became a moment of joy and togetherness. As we marked the occasion, my father's impending 60th birthday added an extra special touch to our time together.

A Reflection on My Father's Journey

My father has had a diverse and enriching portfolio career. From plumbing and culinary arts to security and event, his journey has been a mixture of experiences. As we delved into the lessons from his 60 years of life, I couldn't help but be inspired at the resilience and adaptability that defined his path.

The Influence of My Mother

Complimenting my father's varied career, my mother has dedicated herself to the teaching and childcare industries. Her commitment to education and nurturing young minds has been a guiding light in the upbringing of our family. It's from her that I've inherited my work ethic, curiosity, and a deep sense of community engagement.

The Origins of My Name

Betty and John — my parents — hold the essence of my identity. Their initials combined form ‘B.J,’ literally encapsulating the very core of who I am. My name is a constant reminder that it is from them that I have embodied the values that drive me forward in my entrepreneurial pursuits.

Celebrating 30 Years of Marriage

As we celebrate this achievement, I am looking forward to the next milestone — celebrating my parents' 30 years of marriage next year. Their enduring love and partnership serve as a source of inspiration, reminding me that dedication and collaboration are key to any lasting success.

The Stepping Stone and the Marathon Ahead

This M.B.E. serves as a symbolic stepping stone, marking the progress made thus far. Yet, I am aware that every challenge, every triumph, is a part of the marathon toward achieving greatness. The journey continues, and I am eager for the path that lies ahead, fuelled by the lessons of the past and the unwavering support of my family.


This journey to Windsor Castle was not just about receiving an honour; it was a celebration of family, resilience, and the collective experiences that shape us. I am reminded that success is not a destination but a continuous journey, and I am grateful for every step of it. The marathon continues, and I invite you to join me on the exciting road ahead!


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