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Jamelia's 'Treasure Tress' tools for success

The entrepreneur. The businesswoman. The CEO. 💼

These are words that embody the story of Jamelia Donaldson.

The Facts:

Jamelia is the proud founder and CEO of a booming business by the name of TreasureTress

TreasureTress is a community first and a business second. It has certainly left its mark within the natural hair community as it has over 40,000 loyal customers.🤯

However, its longevity over the last six years is not just down to the Cantu products that arrive in its box.

The success of this brand is also down to the engagement from its loyal community through various events, social media platforms, and market research opportunities.

TreasureTress aims to give a voice to the black natural hair community and all its needs. It has even gone one step further to solidify this vision through the formation of its own ‘ TreasureTress TT Awards’ to celebrate black products within the black community.

This interview will be looking at how Jamelia got to where she is today, the principles behind her success and her identity within the brand.

After reading you'll:

  1. Learn about how to best use your mindset to achieve your goals 💡

  2. Learn the best principles and routines to establish to lead you to success💡

  3. Learn why the journey to success is important 💡


The Genesis

Jamelia birthed TreasureTress in November 2015 and has had consistent growth over the last six years! 📈

However, her story began at an asset management firm.

Jamelia’s corporate background enabled her to partake in various internships surrounding public relations and marketing.

But what did this teach her?

The Power of Your Mind

The most significant part of her transition from a corporate individual to entrepreneur was the change in her mindset.

For example, when looking for answers within the corporate world, it was easy to look to someone else for the answer. A manager, a team, or an executive.

However, Jamelia soon learnt that with the entrepreneurial path that she had chosen, many may give you advice, but no one has walked the exact same path you have.

Fast forward to her success today, I think it is safe to say she is walking her path impressively.🚶‍♀️

She understood the assignment.


The action plan

To understand the assignment which impacted the lives of over 40,000 people, Jamelia put in place significant principles and routines.

Write it down!

When it comes to journaling and planning strategies, Jamelia’s go to hack is writing everything down!📝

Yep. It’s that simple!

Her tips include not over complicating anything and keeping all notes in a particular place to keep them organised! 📁

Additionally, taking notes also aids active listening when engaging with clients and interacting with people overall.

Time is Money

Furthermore, she stresses the importance of protecting your time.

Aim to allow yourself a reasonable amount of time to get work done.

Even if that means reducing any other commitments you may have. Jamelia places emphasis on blocking out time to do deep work if needed. ⏰

Jamelia also recommends accountability partners!

Have friends or people around you that can hold you accountable for goals and milestones you intend to reach. Whether that be business goals you set every year or every six months.

It is imperative that you have a trusted source, or sources you can share your intricacies with.

Especially when it comes to revenue or expenses.


The identity behind the brand

With the use of principles, strategies, and an entrepreneurial mindset, many titles can be applied to Jamelia’s role.

Boss comes to mind, as well as CEO and the most obvious, entrepreneur! 💼

However, Jamelia clings to the title of founder more than anything else.

The self-aware founder

Jamelia believes that as a founder, you encapsulate the vision of going on a journey to solve problems!

As a founder, when solving problems, you are prone to becoming emotionally invested and connected to the problems you are solving.

Jamelia expresses that as founder, you are blessed with a seed that requires help to blossom and grow. 🌱

Which is where she comes in

She highlights the importance of being self-aware and giving yourself time to do so.

Jamelia expresses that being self- aware is an on-going process.

She identifies that you never get to the point where you are the perfect boss or leader. It is a journey of evolution and self-managing your flaws. Whether that surrounds your character or ability.


Key takeaways

📍 Be intentional!

📍 When planning strategies and creating routines do not overcomplicate the easiest of tasks. You may find that organising your notes may be the key to organising your mind.

📍 We all know about protecting our peace, but we must protect our time too. Be militant about how to use your time and stick to it.

📍No ifs, buts or maybes.

📍There is security in accountability!

Find a trusted source you can share the most vulnerable parts of your business with. Be open and optimistic about what you want to achieve and work towards it. Because your business is worth it.

Although Jamelia may gravitate towards the title of founder, rather than boss or CEO, her work ethic and business mind speaks for itself.


Her story conveys that regardless of the title you wish to embody or work towards, the principles and actions you carry out are what makes the business.

Without having vital strategies in place, the title or role you wish to have will be meaningless.

However, don’t be so hard on yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes on this journey.

Over the last six years TreasureTress has dominated the black natural hair community and only plans to do more in the foreseeable future!

This is only the beginning.


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