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A Conversation With Amelia Poamz On Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and the Path to Success

BBC Radio London presenter Amelia Poamz recently interviewed me, where I had the opportunity to share some insights that rang true to me this year. This article serves as an expansion of those thoughts, providing a deeper dive into my perspectives on collaboration, self-care, and the ongoing expansion of my projects. Whether you're curious about the elements that drive my work, eager to understand my plans, or just looking for a general update on recent developments, this is where you'll find those insights.

Breaking Into the Media Space: The New Creator Fellowship

March 2023 marked the launch of The New Creator Fellowship, a programme designed to empower young individuals aspiring to enter the field of journalism. With a strong belief in collaboration, I always emphasise the importance of having a dedicated team and supportive community to navigate different spaces successfully.

Reflecting on the uncertainty post-COVID, I had some concerns about how people would react to new projects amidst the ongoing challenges. However, with 30 supporters backing the initiative, the New Creator Fellowship has successfully facilitated job opportunities for young participants, creating a new generation of journalists.Excited by the Fellowship's success, I have plans to make the intake larger next year through more virtually accessible sessions. 

What is great now, is that there are no strict rules for entering the media space, it is so simple to draw inspiration from diverse creators. Collaboration, especially through social media, has allowed for the formation of great communities, emphasising the beauty of the journey and trusting the process.

Unveiling Youth Club: Empowering Teens for a Bright Future

Recently, I revealed that I am launching a Youth Club, set to fully open in January 2024 in partnership with the City Bridge Foundation. Motivated by the need for after-school supervision for teens, I aim to provide a space for learning and creative exploration, starting with a media-focused workshop and expanding to various creative disciplines.

Inspired by the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child," I envision community support as a key element in empowering young individuals. Drawing parallels with successful initiatives like pop-up shops and food markets, I believe a modernised youth club could be a transformative solution.

Learning, Collaboration, and Mindful Tips to Remember

This year, I have worked on having a healthy work-life balance. I have weaved into my life the idea of  'Solo Sundays' — a day dedicated to personal rejuvenation through focusing on my relationship with myself, taking a break at the sauna, and learning new things. I am not a fan of hustle culture, in fact, my success has come from grace, meaningful connections, and dedicated work. Stressing the importance of self-care, I encourages everyone to prioritise your well-being. After all, taking care of oneself is fundamental to managing a successful business.

I always emphasise the importance of continuous learning beyond formal education. I have loved reading "Perennial Seller" by Ryan Holiday and "The Power of Moments" by Chip and Dan Heath, which advocate for creating work with generational impact.

Another thing I have learnt this year is being cautious of "opportunity vampires" and the importance of setting boundaries. I want to remind myself and others to evaluate opportunities and learn to say no, ensuring there is time for recharge, play, learning, and maintaining connections with friends and family.

Connect With Me

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- For general connections: Reach out through my website :)

My focus this year has evolved from entrepreneurship to storytelling, and I am now exploring different avenues to continue adding value to their community. As I said to Amelia, "If I can change one person’s life, I’m a happy man." This journey is not just mine; it's a shared endeavour toward empowerment, learning, and making a positive impact on the lives of those around us.


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