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Unveiling a New Chapter: From Hosts to Storytellers

I am thrilled to share a significant milestone in the Blocks2Bags journey - an evolution that takes us beyond podcast hosting to a new realm of storytelling. We are proud to announce a feature we have been working on that adds a new dimension to our brand: documentary filmmaking.

At Blocks2Bags, we've always been passionate about fostering connections and creating unforgettable experiences. As we delve into the world of documentaries, we're not just capturing moments; we're telling stories that resonate, inspire, and need to be heard.

Things to Look Forward To 

To My Sisters: Join us on a profound journey as we document the three-year journey of the To My Sisters girls, Renee and Courtney. We followed the girls as they sold out the Hackney Empire, partnered with Birmingham hair-care brand Treasure Tress, and spoke to their family, friends, and audience along the way.  

Bag Drop: We wanted to document our Bag Drop experience, the Dragons Den meets block party pitch night, where we follow the journey of the seven founders who pitched at our debut event. 

A New Frontier of Storytelling

In 2023, Blocks2Bags took centre stage at iconic events such as our Roundhouse ‘How to Make 100K’ and our yacht party in Cannes, providing us with incredible opportunities to capture and share experiences that define the essence of our community.

Blocks2Bags is not just a platform; it's a media hub, a community, and an experience provider for the next generation of businesses. By venturing into documentary filmmaking, we're redefining our approach to storytelling, creating a new frontier that goes beyond our current narratives.

Join Us on Our Cinematic Expedition

We want to tell the stories that matter. Let's explore the profound narratives that define our community and the businesses that call Blocks2Bags home. Here's to the future of Blocks2Bags - where every story counts!


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